Stealing the Show … Photo Bombs

Stealing the Show. We’ve all experienced it. Maybe you’ve even done it.

You think it’s about you. You plan, and prepare, and put it all together … but along comes something or someone that steals the show.

You can easily search the web and find multiple examples of celebrities stealing the show. From photobombs …

To supporting actors that dominate a film (and normally winning a nod from the Emmys or Academy Awards) …

But at last night’s VP debate, it was the fly that stole the show.

He wasn’t the first politician to be upstaged by a fly. Obama had his own FlyGate where he even tried to swat it.

As a pastor, I’ve seen flower girls and ring bearers upstaging the bride. At my son’s wedding, it was two dogs that were the flower girls.

I’ve had kids walk on the platform in a worship. I’ve had a powerful story or video make everyone forget the sermon. I’ve had foot in mouth disease that takes all the attention.

Let me share some thoughts to help us not to steal the show.

  • Resist interrupting … don’t take the lead from political debates. Instead, focus on being selfless and biting the tongue. Your chance will come.
  • Focus on the Person, NOT the Moment … relationships trump winning the moment.
  • Give the Gift of Listening … this is an amazing gift of selflessness, of empathy, of telling the person they are important – they have value.
  • And finally … be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger (I borrowed this one).

Have a blessed day.





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