Organized sports. I see them everywhere. Kids are thrust into them from an early age. Tiny Teeball, youth leagues, travel sports, community competitions, and more. And while these have their place, I prefer the wackiness and wildness of Calvinball.

Calvinball was my kind of game growing up. It is a game invented by the comic characters Calvin and Hobbes. There are no set rules … and the rules they do have they make up as they play. Every game is straight from the imagination of the child. And, every game is different.

Actually, there is one set rule … that no rule can be used twice and no play can be done twice. This adds to the demand for creativity and zany ideas.

Fan groups have been created. Online websites have surfaced. And though the comic has long since retired, Calvinball stays alive in the hearts and demented minds of its followers.

I want life to be like this. Creative. Mind blowing. Every day fresh. Never knowing what is around the corner.

Here are some things Calvinball has included …

  • Masks (think 2020)
  • The Opposite Pole – where when it is touched, it allows the player to make everything the opposite
  • Songs demanded by opponents – like The Very Sorry Song
  • The Invisible Sector – where if you wander into it, you can only escape by closing your eyes and finally getting bonked by the Calvinball (think Bird Box)
  • Odd scoring – like “oogy to boogy”
  • Slow motion, hobby horse, water balloons, and more
  • And The Baby Sitter Flag – where the babysitter calls the game to an end and puts the players to bed

As I ponder this, I think the people in Washington DC (aka politicians) are playing their own game of Calvinball. Rules are being made up as they go along. Change debates. Don’t change debates. Yes we can nominate someone to the Supreme Court, no you can’t. You have to vote on the bill to see what’s in it. You have to elect me to know where I stand. One side can do something but it’s bad when the other side does the same thing (opposite pole).

Does this sound familiar?

I think we should make them all play by a babysitter rule, they do act like babies some times.

Where am I going with this? Why does there have to be a conclusion? Just kidding. I do have a thought or two …

  • Life needs to be more creative and expectant of awe and wonder.
  • Though no rules sounds good, having only one rule can be good … and God gave us the best rule – Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul, mind and strength.
  • We should never loose our childlike imagination, it’ll make life better.

So today, play a little Calvinball at work, at school, in life.





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