You’ve Reached Your Limit … #MyPhoneGetsMe – number 1 of 5

More and more it seems our life is wrapped up in our phones. Think about it – Our world has changed in just a few decades.

Not to reveal my age too much, but I remember dial up, attached to the wall, long curly cords that always had to be untwisted, and busy signal phones. I don’t remember wind ups, going through operators, 5 digit numbers or party lines, but I’m told people listened in on other people’s phone calls.

With cell phones, I remember roaming, limited texting, flip phones, and texting that took forever with punching a button three times just for one letter. Now I don’t even raise my finger as my finger skates over the screen to form a word (and just hope my ‘smart’ phone gets the right word.) I think I took up hiking just so I would be out of cell tower service … but curse Verizon, they seem to be so good at their job that even national forests are getting more service.

As the mobile phone slowly crept into everything I do, and it seems attached to me everywhere I go … I realize that there are things that my phone does that reflect my life … and maybe yours too. They say dogs and owners start to look alike over the years. In my life, pet-less as I am, maybe it’s my phone and me that are becoming more and more alike. So for five days, I want to share that #MyPhoneGetsMe …

You’ve reached your limit …

Oh yes, I’ve gotten that notice. I’ve had storage fill up and download limits reached. I’ve had no more space for music or apps or files or anything. I’ve upped my storage, managed my files, tried to delete duplications, but the notice will still pop up occasionally.

You’ve reached your limit …

And if we were honest with ourselves, this happens in our life way too often as well. We over schedule, over commit, over think, over plan, over worry, and over everything. We carry baggage (emotional, relational, and spiritual) that obstructs, restricts, deters, and makes life miserable.

Stop carrying unnecessary baggage. Cast your cars on Him, for He cares for you … He is a big enough God!

You’ve reached your limit …

There is no quick fix, for every situation is different. No check list to go through that remedies every scenario. But we need to deal with it. Let’s get some basic points we can do …

  • Let go of some things. Reduce your commitments. Learn how to say no. Delegate to others.
  • Reconsider your routines. Batch task together. One article said do the most unpleasant task first, get it out of the way so that the remaining tasks won’t have that cloud over them.
  • Declutter your relationships. Maybe you spend too much time with toxic people that drain you (vampire coworkers) and need to prioritize how much time you can spend with any particular person. This sounds cruel, but even the Bible tells us to shake the dust off and move on sometimes.
  • Start at your desk, or whatever is the closest to you. Get organized in the immediate are will help the other things in your life seem less of a burden. Keep your desk/work area under control.
  • Take a Sabbath. God didn’t give us the Sabbath for no reason. We need to rest, refresh, and reprioritize. Focus on the reprioritize part.

So when I see the notice of full storage, I remember #MyPhoneGetsMe

I close with a check list I found online. Maybe one of these points will help.






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