Muddy Shoes Walks into an Election Booth

It’s decision day … crunch time … a day that will decide a decade. It’s a day like any other … The sun will rise, the wind will blow, millions will go to work, kids will log online to do school work, and the sun will set.

And on this day, muddy shoes will walk into a voting booth.

My newest black leather Chucks, waiting for action!

Our day starts like most others, resting and waiting for action. Once chosen, I try to get as comfortable as possible. I tie myself securely, even double knots to make sure no clumsy accidents will take place because I get too loose at any time.

Then the trek begins. I journey around town … by truck thankfully. Yes, I was made to walk and run and play. But I’m also smart and choose to use the tools and accessories at my disposal. Trucks were made so I wouldn’t wear out too quick. My Toyota is my accessory, after all. For it is I who pushes the pedal to go and the other pedal to stop.

I then decide where to eat – duh. So off to grandma’s diner I go. I chose what to eat … my regular. Some choices are easy.

Most of the day is just pondering the option to rest on the floor or to lean back and raise myself up on the desk. I chose both. But I do get up and move … and it is wonderful … full of variety. There are times I come across hard people (wood, tile) and softer people (carpet). Some of my choices require extra labor (steps and even a ladder). I will encounter events and individuals that are hard and hurtful (gravel parking lot). I love coming across people that are just natural and easy going (grass).

My day is full of variety due to the ways I decide to travel. And in all these ways, I get a bit messed up, some scuffs and scratches, a little dirty, and even muddy. Life is like that. And some choices make us muddier than others.

Now the time draws near. My journey has taken me to the town’s place of polling. I tell them my name, Chuck Taylor the All-Stars. That’s the Taylors of the Converse Taylors, I explain.

They give me the ballot and in to the booth I go. In the old days, all one could really see was me. They’d pull the curtain so no one could know for whom I voted, which way I leaned, who got my support.

Here’s where I’m going. People are watching. Maybe not like little kid peeking in to see where daddy is and what daddy is up to. But people are watching.

They watch as to what you choose to do. Where you chose to go. How you chose to get there. They are watching to how you react to different people and different circumstances. Your kids watch and learn about life. Your fellow students watch to see what’s cool and what’s not (and I, Chuck Taylor am cool, no matter what a friendly Millennial couple recently said). And your coworkers watch you to learn and to see if they can trust you. Maybe they watch to see how you lead and where you choose to lead.

People see your choices lived out everyday. And yes, some choices have deeper and longer impact (like a presidential election), but every choice matters.

And we make those choices when we are messed up, scuffed, and muddy. We’re not perfect, can make mistakes, and sometimes stumble. But we move on. For tomorrow is another day … The sun will rise, the wind will blow, millions will go to work, kids will log online to do school work, and the sun will set.

But today, I walked into an election booth. And that choice is important. Choose wisely. And remember, the world will still be here tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll hit the trails and climb a mountain. If I do, I’ll let Merrill take the lead. He likes the mud.





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