Lucy Pulling the Football Out

Forget the election. Forget deadlines. Put the ‘to-do list’ to the side. My week has had issues. I’ve felt like Lucy has been pulling the football out time and time again.

It’s lasted a week. Modem mayhem. Router rivalry. WiFi more a NoFi. I’ve been the tech guy so most the problems are my own undoing. In the long run, hours of wasted hours getting it up and running.

I think I’ve finally got it. But keep the prayers going. I’ll get that football yet.

The tough part is people were depending on the web and computer connection. My wife couldn’t do her college class work. My admin assistant couldn’t print, answer emails, or shop online (yes, I know she and every one do.) And I couldn’t get my blog by Friday’s deadline.

I think this is abnormal, but I know I’m wrong. We all have snaffus, set backs, and frustrations.

So what do we do? We say thank you. What? Thank you? Yes. Thank you. And there’s no greater month to be reminded if this than November. Be thankful. Go ahead. Give thanks right now!






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