The Troops of Elves Showed Up

Shopping. I spent much of the past week shopping online, going from store to store, and looking for deals on lights, trees, displays, and the normal hodgepodge of Christmas paraphernalia. My entryway looks an Amazon truck had a major crash and dumped everything in one spot.

It’s not for me. It’s for our community light show … our debut year in a five year plan to get bigger and brighter every Christmas season. I never realized how many types of lit up trees that aren’t trees there are … spiral, cone, maypole, leafless birch, willow, layered, etc.

I’m excited. And now, December is here and Christmas is starting in full swing. Last night our church decorated the inside, and we do it well for a church our size.

Ten trees, lights everywhere, garland, poinsettias. It is a pretty good size task and a good crew of Evergreen elves showed up to decorate.

Miss Jean does a great task master/project manager job and she had those elves hopping. Every year has a little something new, and we are already looking at some ideas for 2021.

On a negative note, she made me remove my inflatable baby Yoda (which I had up for Sunday morning!)

Next week, we set up the community light scenes and I’m excited. And I am hoping for another group of elves to show up for that too.

In a time that people are tired, worn out, virused out … it’s uplifting to have people show up to brighten the lives of others. And truly, I think the ones that serve actually get more out of it themselves.

That’s one of the real strengths of the message of Christmas. It’s not about what you get or what is under the tree. It’s about giving of yourselves to encourage and uplift others. It’s about letting them know they are important.

So this Christmas, spend some time thinking how can you spread Christmas cheer, how can you let someone know they are important, and how can you make someone’s Christmas season a bit brighter. Then, take your thoughts and put them into action.

Maybe do it the way Buddy does …





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