Crazy Church (part 2)

Prologue: This article was taken from another website, memes and all. But it was just too good to change. Yesterday, I mentioned distractions in church. Here is a great article that humorously looks at this issu …

15 Things That Make Church People Crazy Mad

By Brian Orme – September 14, 2015

This fun list is meant to help us take a look at the lighter side of our church pet peeves. What would you add to the list?

15. Loud Music


The book of Revelation is pretty clear—there will be LOUD worship in heaven. Of course, we understand there’s probably a difference between the church youth band rocking out and the voices of angels, but still.

14. Crying Babies


OK, crying babies can be loud at times, but moms gotta get their worship on too. Am I right?

13. Out of Control Worship Dancers


Because some things, like out of control dancers, just need more grace.

12. Awkward Pauses in the Message


You know, that moment when the pastor tells a joke and no one laughs… Or that time when the worship leader greets everyone and no one answers…

11. When the Youth Take Over the Service


The youth group just got back from Honduras, and they’re pumped to share their stories and slam on the drums… this is a good thing, remember that 🙂

10. When a Visitor Sits in Your Seat


There are no assigned seats at church–or, at least there shouldn’t be. If your seat’s taken, just smile and find another.

9. People Using iPads Instead of “Real” Bibles


We get it, who’s gonna make sure they’re not checking Facebook during the sermon? Although, to be real for a second—God’s Word is God’s Word, whether it’s read on an iPad or in a 4-inch thick King Jimmie Bible.

8. Coffee in the Sanctuary


Let’s be clear: having a cup of joe in the sanctuary doesn’t defile anything or anyone—we’re not in the Temple era anymore, right? Jesus lives in us—not on stage in our churches. Although, we do understand it can be messy 🙂

7. Youth Group Attire

OK, this one probably has some credibility. Although, if we’re calling out high school students for the way they dress, we should probably do the same for mom jeans. Just an idea.


6. Long Sermons


We shouldn’t complain, really. I mean, the Apostle Paul preached so long people were falling out of windows. Plus, it’s kind of what we’re there for (OK, that and worship and community and serving…)

5. Church Parking Lots


For some reason, the message on the Beatitudes gets chucked out the window when we hit the church parking lot. We’re all like, “Yes, the meek shall inher- … hold on, is he trying to get in front of me?! I don’t think so!” Not that I’ve ever said that personally 🙂

4. Pastors Asking for Money


OK, we’re not talking about your huckster money-laundering televanglist here, but your everyday pastor talking about moula. This shouldn’t get us riled up, seriously. The Bible talks about money A LOT. The way we use our money says a great deal about our faith—whoops, sorry, started to preach on that one.

3. Women in Leadership


There are some pretty stellar examples of women leaders in the Bible. It shouldn’t surprise us to see a woman lead in the church today.

2. Overly Happy Greeters


Some church greeters are just waaaaayy too happy. This is church. We’re not in heaven yet. Save some for the after party.

1. The Much-Feared Meet-n-Greet


“Hi, how are you? Yes, I’m fluent in awkward as well.” OK, this shouldn’t be a big deal, really. After all, we’re going to spend eternity with these people sitting in front and in back of us. Might as well get to know ’em now.

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One response to “Crazy Church (part 2)”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    Loved this post and the GIF’s were perfect! I think it’s so funny because it’s so true. Good that we can laugh at ourselves, right?!?


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