Stay Away From Me Today

Do you ever have one of those days you just want to stay in bed, just want to avoid the whole world? For me, this is that type of day. No it has nothing to do with politics, though a politician might be to blame. No, I am not Covid positive and being sent in to quarantine, though I might use this as an excuse. Is there a 24 hour quarantine in the Covid world?

Why? You ask. Because today is National Hugging Day. And this is what I think of it …

If the new President wants to get my lifelong support, he can start with an executive order that abolishes this day. USAToday’s Sara M Moniuszko did a great article on alternatives to hug, being a hug-free, virus aware society. So I am passing her advice, and a few more, to help all you get through this day.

  • Comfort refreshment … she said tea, but I am going with a warm hot cocoa. These anxiety-reducing beverages will warm you like arms embracing you, but without the human contact.
  • Hot steamy shower or soak … not only does it help relax muscles, it might do some of you good to wash up. And me, my avocado scented hair products soothe my nose too.
  • Weighted blankets … did this this morning. Snuggled with my plush UGG brand weighted blanket. But I had to get up and do work.
  • Mental hugs … Sara encouraged meditation, stretching, a calming exercise to soothe the grey matter in your head (not the grey matter on your head). There are even stretch poses of self hugging, which seems a bit self absorbed if you ask me.
  • Hang out with pets … I don’t have any. I am near the farmers Harris Brothers. Maybe they’ll let me hang out with a cow or something. I’ll skip this one.
  • Decorate like it’s a holiday … string some lights, get out the groundhog’s day decorations. The joy holidays bring can make you forget a desire to be hugged.
  • Hide … stay home, call in sick, lock the doors, and don’t look at or answer your phone.

This year, it’s pretty easy. Just claim you’re keeping socially distant. But next year, and for those annoying friends (you know who you are), please help people like me stay hug-free.






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