Bernie Obsession, Executive Orders & Brady vs Mahomes

It’s the Monday Morning Quick Round … enjoy the levity.

Bernie Obsession … so, unless you’re living in a cave or you are off any and all social media platforms due to starting Lent early, you can’t have missed who the winner for the inaugural week was. Bernie Sanders. As he kept the appropriate social distance and as he sat quietly keeping warm in his Vermont jacket and custom made mittens, Bernie has become the one person to bring unity to a much divided nation. The memes keep on coming.

Now to mention what divides us. Changes with the stroke of a pen … dozens of Executive Orders signed in the first week. Trump overturned Obama. Biden overturns Trump. It’s the the way of the White House. Yet with the stroke of his pen, many are thrilled and many are saddened. Thousands lose their jobs. School loan payments are delayed. Funds are released for abortion. The wall has stopped being built. And more. And though I personally am aware of the dangers and the delights, I acknowledge the ways of all leaders are like water in the hand of our Lord. Four years from now, the switch will happen again (probably).

It’s the battle of the giants. A Super Bowl that will have who some are saying is the GOAT (greatest of all times) against the GOTS (greatest of this time.) Brady vs. Mahomes.

They’ve met 4 times. They are 2-2. Brady started in the NFL when Mahomes was 5. Brady has 6 Super Bowl rings and the last two were back to back. Mahomes has one ring and he won the SB last year. If he wins, he will be the youngest QB to ever win back to back.

We are two weeks away and the game may be what this nation needs … a distraction from the mayhem in DC. But isn’t that what Rome did? Bread (supplements) and Circus (sports to distract) goes back a long way.

We can enjoy the events without forgetting the important events. So just give us a weekend to relax. A weekend with Bernie maybe (sorry, I had to throw that in!)

And to close … a great Brady v Mahomes … Greatest vs Up&Comer pic …






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