What do I do with the avocado?

I’m not a professional chef in any means of the word. Well, maybe. While in high school, I was a cook at the local steak house. And in grad school, I did work the breakfast and prep shift at the bagel shoppe. And a couple of years ago, while between jobs of my chosen and trained profession, I did work at a Chick-fil-A (I say ‘my pleasure’ ow by instinct.) So I guess maybe in a “low-wage, part-time, help others out” use of the word chef, I am a professional chef.

My menu is very boring and routine. And I keep local eating establishments in business, especially during this Covid thing we are all going through. And I rarely experiment in the kitchen.

Like this weekend. I was going to make my wife some avocado toast. I dropped into Kroger’s. Got one avocado, groundable salt and pepper (didn’t even have salt in the house), lime juice, red pepper flakes and some whole wheat bagels.

Then I saw the pre-made avocado spread, in individual single serve packages. That made life so much easier.

So I got the pre-made spread, along with everything that I already had put in my basket. After all, we have been here two years. Maybe we will need salt one day.

I went home and made her breakfast. Toasted a bagel and gave her the premade spread. Voila. She loves me. I didn’t even spread it for her. I am pretty limited.

But now I have a problem. What do I do with the avocado?

Life is to much like this story. We go for the easy, the pre-made, the self contained experience in life. We want it easy, quick, and with as little mess as possible.

But maybe life was meant to be messy. Meant to be explored with an imagination that opened up our life to experiences of wild and new things. Maybe it is the trying new things in the kitchen, and in every area of life. And in the journey, we learn so much. I once had a friend who wanted to do archeological digs, but didn’t want to spend the years assisting, doing grunt work, putting in the hard and long labor. They wanted to jump right into being an Indiana Jones or a Lara Croft. Even Indiana Jones had to spend years as Junior under Sean Connery to become the Indiana we know and love and that got his own movies.

Maybe this is the also the scenario in our relationship and walk with God. We want a nice packaged faith. No real struggles. Give us a Bible study that is clean, non-confrontational, packaged in an entertaining and attention keeping format. We want worships that fit our cookie cutter life that makes us feel good about ourselves. We want Study Bibles that answer all our questions in the notes and annotations. God forbid we have to struggle and learn to study the Bible on our own.

Theological question? Google it. (Or go to GotQuestions.org, they have it all in simple half page answers) Need to see what a word like “yoke” means when the Bible says “don’t be unequally yoked”? Don’t spend time digging and studying, no. There are shorter and easier ways to find the answer.

Now there is nothing wrong with Google, GotQuestions.org, or other resources. But there is something about studying the word, digging into it, and finding the hidden treasures within. And along the way, we learn other stuff too.

So, what do I do with the avocado?

According to Google, I store at room temperature for no longer than 2-3 days. I can prolong that a day or two if I put it in the fridge.

Or maybe, I can get up early tomorrow and make homemade avocado spread for her. She is worth it and maybe I will learn to do it better each time. If she doesn’t like it. She has the individual, self serve to open up.

Don’t let your avocado spoil and go to waste. Do something with it.





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