Groundhogs Day … Do This Everyday

It’s February 2, and we all wait in great anticipation to see if the rodent sees his shadow. But I am tired of day in – day out so I’m going hiking in the snow packed trails.

But for the rest of you, here are the statistics for the generations of shadow and non-shadow.

And when we think of Groundhog Day, I can’t avoid thinking of the classic Bill Murray movie. And life can get monotonous, a bit repetitive, the same thing over and over, similar to the day before, and the one before.

And as much as I grimace when I think that, for life should be an adventure, I do acknowledge one thing that needs to be repeated everyday. Taking up your cross, deny yourself, and following Him.

Each day is new, but each day is His. So, today, how will you deny yourself and live for Him?






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