LU & VT Snowball Fights

Way to go President Prevo … calling out for a campus snowball fight. Pulling in your Alaska knowledge and splattering a few coeds in the back of the head. Yes, they all could’ve been a bit better on masks. I would have worn one just to stay warmer. And had I have been closer, I might have gone over there just to hit the pre-law students hard.

And VT had their huge battle as well. Theirs is more of an annual event at the first big snow. And it looked hilariously fun. Giant slingshots, mass mayhem, and so much more.

I laud LU Prevo for being part of the event on the academic lawn. What a great way to bond and connect with the students. Did any of the VT admin get involved? Hope so.

But here’s the rub (sorry, a little grumpiness here, so get out your cheese and enjoy the whine.)

I read scores and scores of complaints (over a hundred phone calls) came into the Virginia Department of Health over the LU frozen battle, and it even made national news. President Prevo did offer an apology statement over the lack of communication that masks and other precautions should’ve been taken – and he did respond quickly. But I don’t perceive he was upset about the event. Good for him.

But I read no complaints about the VT (or I’m sure countless of other campuses up and down the east coast.) I looked at pictures of both. I saw huge crowds at both … and in close proximity. I saw maskless or partially masked at both.

Where is the equal standard of treatment in our society today?

I also am a little concerned about a call in and complain “hotline” to report people. Some of the articles I read said it was LU grads and students reported LU to the VDH.

Biblically, and I think socially, the best thing we could do is approach the person, or institution, with which we have an issue. Go to them directly. My wife has met President Prevo. He is approachable and will take the conversation seriously. That doesn’t mean he will always yield to complainers, but I believe he will act wisely.

This ends today’s rant. You may now return to your regular schedule day. And if you get a chance … have some fun in the snow. But wear your mask. Someone may report to Big Brother if you don’t.





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