New Kid on the Block

Do you remember who won Super Bowl XXV, 30 years ago? Do you remember who did the halftime shows? Do you care?

Last night, ChampaBay Bucs won Super Bowl LV and The Weekend did the halftime show. And in 30 years, will it mean anything more than a statistical blip? A great blip, thanks to Brady, but a blip just the same.

Thirty years ago, the NY Giants beat their stately brothers of Buffalo. And the halftime show – The New Kids on The Block. It was the first halftime show to move from bands to A-listers.

But also 30 years ago, there was another new kid on the block, someone who has eternal ramifications. 30 years ago, my wife and I gave our greatest addition to the world – our son, Calvin. (Born 2.8.91)

His first breath was taken in Dallas, yet he is a Philadelphia Eagle fan. He was there as we moved across 5 states. He spent most his formative teenage years in the ‘804’ (Richmond Va) area. Loves volleyball. We took some cool road trips through Yellowstone, Tahoe, Yosemite, Chicago, Estes Park, Zion, Arches, the USCGA, and more. We went to several football games together. I drove through blizzards to get him Taco Bell. We drove three hours to Austin to get a Tropical Smoothie. He graduated from my Alma Mater. And then at the Red River Cantina, on the dance floor, his life changed. He met, danced, and eventually married a beautiful princess and they make their home in their cosy castle in Fort Worth.

As excited as millions are over Tom Brady, I am even more excited over Calvin … my GOAT addition to this world.

Happy Birthday.






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