Random Pics

One of the new iOs widgets I have come to enjoy is the random photos – taken from my overstuffed photo albums. Pics rotate throughout the day and it’s a delight to see them.

Far beyond ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ – these widget produced wonders deep into my soul.

I also love just perusing pictures on news outlets and outdoor e-zines. So today, I am just sharing some that caught my eye …

Posted on Fox News app, here is a mama bear protecting her cubs. It is the oldest bear known in existence.

From USATodays This Day in Pictures ...

Covid sniffing dog in Belgium – it’s a thing (USAToday 3/4)

From an email giving vivid views out of Chattanooga

From the Experience Chattanooga website

Sometimes, pictures bring me to a state of solemn sadness …

Razor wire in DC (Baltimore Sun)

Other times, great joy …

My wife (on left) as a child hugging her sister, a widget selection today! I also loved seeing my sister in law’s expression … Fear? Bewilderment?

And one from our church family, showing a sweet family member as “something that brings her joy” ….

Personal submission to a photo contest in our community of Evergreen

The photo trashed to the top of the article is an old toll gate on the road to the top of the mountain in star city (Roanoke VA)

Pictures are so impactful. What have you seen lately?






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