What’s in a Trillion? A Lot!

It’s going to happen. 1.9 Trillion. Boom … mind blown. Can you grasp that amount. $1,900,000,000,000. That’s a lot of zeros.

In 2009, Zimbabwe introduced a 1 trillion dollar note. This sounds like only a few people will ever be able to have that in their wallet. But to be clear, it was really only worth about $30US dollars. Looks pretty, but wouldn’t even take you to a night at the movies with your lovely wife.

USA Today did an article on the first bailout bill. They tried to show the magnitude of one trillion. You could stack them and go 631 miles in the air. That’s over twice as high as the international space station is as it circles our planet. If you counted them, it would take 31,000 years to count each dollar bill.

Go back a billion seconds in time, you would be in 1987. Ronald Reagan would still be President. I could go for that. But go back 1 trillion seconds … 30,000 BC. I don’t want to mess with Mammoths and giant Cave Bears.

Gizmodo did a computer model to visualize 1 trillion. Using $100 bills, in stacks on pallets. Each pallet holds $100 million dollars. And the pallets are double stacked. They came up with this picture. Look closely, that little red dot in the lower left corner, that’s me standing there drooling.

This is only 1 trillion … double it for the new bailout.

Now in all this, they tell me I might get a small tiny portion to let me have part in “stimulating” the economy. I might get a new iPhone with that … after all, Apple is the only 2 trillion dollar company. Not even Amazon has topped 2 trillion yet.

I can’t grasp this. My tiny little mind won’t wrap itself around the amount. Maybe if I think more on it, I just don’t want to. But interestingly, it is fathomable. It is finite. There is a limit to all of this. It may spur on the economy or it may collapse the economy. But 1.9 trillion has an end to it.

Let me share a bigger amount, a larger concept, something endless. I’m talking about the love and grace of God. It’s like my mind grasps a little drop of water, but God’s Grace is the ocean. We can’t grasp the height, the depth, the breadth of His love. It is transcendent.

He loves you and me and every one of the almost 8 billion people … with plenty to spare. And if you are his child, there is nothing … NOTHING … you can do to separate yourself from his love.

Now that is a lot of love. I know I need it. I know you need it.

Note. Banner picture from UPenn.edu






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