I do not know where I got this. But for the past month, it has been on the podium where my sermon notes always sit. As I roamed the stage, exhaling brilliant thoughts of the kerygma, exhibiting profoundness in the kerusso through homiletical expertise being proclaimed – this list was before me …

  • Your encouragement matters
  • Your generosity matters
  • Your hospitality matters
  • Your kindness matters
  • Your service matters
  • Your love matters
  • Your patience matters
  • Your forgiveness matters

These actions, these words of positive lifestyle choices – matter. They show a spirit filled life. They demonstrate to the world how children of God are supposed to live. My life should demonstrate them. My words of exhortation should motivate the listeners to live in such a way. But this is not enough!

These matters are secondary. This lifestyle, while worthy, finds its true worth not in living a certain way, but in following The Way. And The Way is Jesus.

My proclamation, my kerygma, of which I have surrendered my life to serving, to declaring, to sharing, is not about a lifestyle – but about Jesus. That’s the Good News. That’s what really matters.

And you – you can do all the good things – all the noble things – all the right things – but if you don’t believe in Jesus, then all those things mean very little in the eternal scope.

And once you know Him – then this list will be a natural outpouring of Him living in and through you.

That’s doing what matters!


For a 2 min explanation of what it means to believe in Jesus – check here for a great vid – through the words of a child.


The list probably came from Christine Caine. Her daily emails often are filled with pithy little lists that often get my mind going from 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds. The video – it is a production of the South Carolina Baptist Convention – great job guys!






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