I Hear What Your Thinking

It was a highlight of our holiday season. It’s looked forward to at churches all across the land. I’m talking about the kids’ Christmas program. Scores of kids, from the barely walking to those just about to reach the cursed teen years, gather on stage to sing, do hand motions and delight parents and grandparents. Their expressions range from fear to sheer joy.

We have several truly excited and animated members of our kids’ brigade, including one passionate young man that wanted to make sure the back row heard, and maybe the church goers down the street heard too. Yes, he has that wonderful of a projection from such a tiny little Oompa Loompa.

Now as delightful as he was, the humorous moment came when my wife, who works in the AV booth directing the technology for our live stream … when she realized that the live stream included conversations from the sound booth. Yes, they could hear her and others, it it wasn’t supposed to be that way. And she was discussing the liveliness and energy of the show stealer.

You have to know her. She is so humble, so mild, and never speaks ill of anyone. She wasn’t saying anything bad, she actually loves the little one. But it mortified her that the words were broadcast unintentionally.

Me, the loving husband – consoled her – told her it wasn’t that terrible – tried to help her move on … and I laughed. Yeah, not cool. But it was so funny … both the Munchkin and open mic comments.

It made me think of the Tom Holland movie, Chaos Walking, where everyone’s thoughts are seen and heard. No privacy. Complete transparency. Complete chaos.

Can you imagine if every one of your thoughts was heard by others?

We go to great effort to hide our inward person. Shame. Fear of rejection or ridicule. But is that healthy? Oh, I’m not advocating for arrogance or insensitivity by blurting out thoughts unfiltered. We are to be quick to listen and slow to speak. We are to guard our hearts … and I believe that includes not letting things bad in and being cautious of what and how one expresses themselves.

But as you start 2022, I want you to know you are loved.

  • God knows you.
  • Gods loves you.
  • He knows your heart and thoughts.
  • God still loves you.
  • He knows your unfiltered, unmasked, completely corrupted thoughts.
  • God still loves you.
  • He knows you are messy, broken, needy and helpless.
  • God still loves you.

He knew the woman caught in adultery was guilty … He loved her.

He knew the tax collector had stolen from people … He loved him.

He knew Mary Magdalene had been possessed by demons … He loved her.

He knew the thief on the cross was guilty … He loved him.

He knows your messy and corrupted thoughts … He loves you.

That should give you great thoughts for all of 2022.


Postscript . My wife continues to do the live streaming ministry, but she now makes sure the mic isn’t live in the sound booth. I love her.





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