Two-Cent Tuesday in Two Minutes

Okay, here is my two cents on the Supreme Court nomination. I understand many of those that don’t like Biden are upset that our President has decided to pick a black female for candidacy. They think using skin color as the basis for consideration is short sighted and identity politics.

Yet, no matter who he picks, they won’t like that person anyway. So why care about skin color? It’s okay to oppose someone with whom you disagree … but …

It seems we are looking for arguments.

Bottom line in my mind … the President can nominate whomever he desires. He’s the President.

How do I respond?

…. Pray that the President would have and act in wisdom.

…. Desire that the candidate would be treated with respect. You can oppose someone, disagree with someone and still treat them with respect.

…. Hope that people would stop ‘looking for a fight’ and learn to act humanly!

I know the position is important. But it seems we are throwing punches even before we know anything.

Thus post is not about the candidate or the President … it’s about what type of person will you be?

Questions …

Have you prayed for Joe today? Have you prayed for the yet to be announced candidate? Why not?





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