A Vax I Might Really Get Behind!

It’s a weekly jab. It is is coming from an organization called NICE – I mean, how bad can something be that comes from something called NICE. It addresses one of the biggest crisis we are facing – well, at least that many are facing. It’s been called a game changer – a game changer!

It’s name – Wegovy.

Let me step back and explain a bit. NICE, the United Kingdom’s National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, has been doing human trials on this new vaccination that is targeting the growing waistlines of people everywhere. Waistlines! It is a treatment to combat obesity. Obesity has been categorized as the second leading cause of preventable deaths. Obesity costs the US over 150 Billion a year. An obese person pays an average of $1400 more a year in medical expenses. The WHO says over a million die each year due to obesity.

In all of this – Wegovy.

Now, I get it. I sit too much at a desk. And this vax many will get behind will work on their behind (see what I did there – lol) I eat too much unhealthy foods. I hit the exercise routines way too often. And now, the nice NICE people offer Wegovy. This new and supposed game changer brings about a loss of 2.5 stone (yeah, Brits. This is about 35 pounds in my lingo). Sure, there are side effects (like burping to organ damage) and its a weekly jab, but it makes me lose weight. Which is what many will think. I’m not advocating for or against vaxes. I understand and support people making personal and informed decisions. I also understand the seriousness of obesity.

But maybe, maybe people will get this because they are more concerned about a quick fix to image issues – not health issues. We live in a world so consumed with image we ignore the responsibility of being stewards of our health, of the body God has given us.

Maybe the government will mandate this as well. I mean, that slippery slope has already been passed.

Forget all that. That is for wiser and more politically savvy people to discuss – me, I just want emphasize the responsibility we have before God. We are image bearers. We are more than just the outside. God looks at the heart. And God loves us so much. SOOOO …

  • See yourself the way God sees you
  • Don’t judge yourself or others by the outside – even God looks at the heart
  • Be wise in your decisions
  • Take care of your body – to ignore to do this is to tell God stewardship of this body is insignificant – not good people
  • Listen to doctors … they are the specialist after all – and it’s okay to get a second opinion
  • Be the Best Image Bearer you can be – for His glory

For those that want, or need, to follow up and go deeper on the topic of body image, I encourage following the blog of BeautyBeyondBones. The home page is here. One of her articles on image can be found here.





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