Tractorcades and Trucker Protest

They are over 40 years apart. They both have issues in which they are demanding governmental attention.

The earlier protest is one of my earliest memories of American politics. Having previously resided in northern Virginia, I still visualize the 900 plus tractors descending and taking over the National Mall.

Back in 1978 and 1979, hundreds of John Deere, International Harvester, and other brands of farm tractors headed to our nation’s capitol. They were joined by thousands on foot. Many of their demands were heard and change was made over time.

This week in Canada, truckers (not tractors) have formed a caravan to the capitol. They have created blockades at crossing points between our two nations. But instead of an interaction with the government, they are being labeled seditionist, criminals, and more. And now, there is fear this type of caravan will hit California disrupting this weekend’s Super Bowl. Biden is encouraging the Prime Minister of Canada to use federal powers (Police? Army?) to stop the truckers’ blockade.

The issues both protest have is irrelevant to this article. Yet I realize that the media in the two eras treat them differently. It’s quite interesting.

The lessons I see from the two are …

  • Protest can get people’s attention … But media often can set the tone even if it is opposite of the actual protest. (We’ve seen this a lot in our society … Oregon, Right for Life are twisted in the press.)
  • Change can happen … But it takes time. The change wanted from the tractorcades took years for legislation and policies to change.
  • Because of the last one, patience is needed … But so is persistence.
  • Communication is vital … And trust is essential.

So in this world, there are things we desire to change. Making our voice is important … and clear communication is essential. However change isn’t normally instantaneous so be patient and persistent.

What do you desire to change? What will you do about it?





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