MISSION: Dignity

You should know about this great program. Everyone should know.

The goal, the purpose, the very mission of this specific organization … is to allow retired pastors or their widows to live in dignity in the later years of life.

They spend decades serving in small churches. Leading ministries that often barely pay the minimum of basic cost of living. And asking them to put aside money for retirement is a monumental if not impossible task. Now, they didn’t go into preaching to get rich. Oh, media puts the huge money makers out there when they write about ‘pastors getting rich’ … but those are the rarity. But the public thinks that the norm. It’s not. Believe me, it’s not.

So, there is a vast amount of preachers, missionaries, ministers that serve and give of themselves and sacrifice for the higher calling. The go into tiny communities, serve in third world countries and give of themselves in communities stricken on poverty. And then … retirement.

It’s difficult, it’s stressful and it’s often impossible to make ends meet. And sometimes, it’s only the widow that survives and that can even be harder. They don’t want to be rich, to live off other people. They just seek to live with dignity.

My mother recently passed away. Though far from rich, she was able to take care of her self financially to the end. But not everyone has been in such a scenario.

Into this dilemma … Guidestone Financial has been making a difference for over 100 years. Since 1918, GuideStone® has been on a Mission to provide Dignity to retirement-age Southern Baptist ministers, workers and their widows. We serve about 1,900 households each year by providing needed financial assistance to help pay for housing, food and medical costs. Because of this help, these servants of the Lord continue to live with dignity, independence and, often, the ability to continue serving.

Through Mission:Dignity, Southern Baptist ministers, workers, and widows age 65 and older who qualify for financial assistance are eligible to receive between $225 and $600 per month; an annual Christmas check; and assistance for emergencies such as medical bills, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and house repair. Mission: Dignity was able to provide “double honor” to more than 1,800 retirees or their widows.
“It’s biblical. We are called to take care of widows, orphans, and our elders,” (Guidestone) says. “Seeing the difference it makes in their lives makes it all the better.”

At my mother’s passing, our family asked that instead of flowers, people could give to MISSION: Dignity. One huge part of donating to M:D is 100% goes to help, not a percentage but all of it. All administration cost are covered by Guidestone. We’ve taken in almost $800. That’s exciting.

Much of the information comes directly from the Mission: Dignity website. You can go to there website to read testimonials, learn more and even donate. Or, if you want to donate through my church … just reach out to me.





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