A Picture That Pierces The Soul

Have you ever come across a picture that just grabbed you? A visual expression that pierces your very soul? Here are a few that grabbed my attention this week — The religious leaders of eastern Ukraine kneeling together in the snow praying for their nation … a mother embracing her new born … a family circling a bed saying goodbye to their elderly mother. Heart tuggers. Tear makers.

But this week, I came across this picture …

Of all places, I discovered this on Twitter. No Artist was attributed. No source was mentioned. Just a picture with an attempt at humor. But I saw something else.

Out of the old – something new. From the decaying, dying corpse of a tree no longer viable – life.

Maybe it’s an organization that seems to be at death doors. Maybe it’s a dream that seems shattered. Maybe you have a relationship that seems beyond hope. Life is often this way – brutal, harsh, broken, messy, muddy.

Hiking the trails, I’ve seen many trees that are fallen … broken … dying … rotting. I’ve never seen one like this. From the very image of hopelessness, life!

This picture reminds me what God does in our lives. Here takes the ugly, broken, dying, dead and brings life. He regenerates.

This picture reminds me what God did and is doing in my life. Here is a second part to this picture. The new tree has more to grow. God’s not done with me yet. I still have more growth ahead of me. You do too.

Don’t forget – Many things seem impossible. And with man, things often are. But with God , nothing is impossible. Nothing.






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