My Letter of Thanks

My Letter of Thanks … Sunday (2/20/22) we were challenged from the pulpit to write a “Letter of Thanks” to the person whom God used to share the good news of hope and forgiveness. In truth, there are many … children’s workers, VBS peeps, Youth pastors, Billy Graham, and more. But the two who poured their lives into me, cared to take the time to explain and challenge me as to what salvation is all about – were Bob and Faye Estes – my parents.

I remember my mother one Sunday using communion to tell me about my need and His sacrifice for me. I remember my dad kneeling with me in his office at Orcutt Baptist and praying with me. They both have gone into heaven and await my arrival (not too soon I hope). 

SO … here is my letter to them:

Mother, Father – words cannot express my gratitude. I know you (Father) were in the ministry and this was your calling – but it was more than that for me. You lived the gospel, preached it weekly, and lived it out before me – Thank You.  Mother, you cared and shared. I know you prayed for all your kids. We needed it. And I appreciate the tenderness of your heart for me … and so many others. I saw it with Acteens and other kids. Thank You.

Because of you, I am so blessed. Thank You.

Your son, the youngest … the favorite (LOL)






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