Arches NP

Flash Back Memory …

In summer of 2016, my son and I took a road trip to see the Big 5 of Utah – Zion, Capitol Reef, Canyonland, Bryce and Arches National Parks. It was extraordinary.

Each of the parks has their own unique characteristics and atmosphere. Stories could be told from each place and I am not sure which one would be considered the highlight. I woukd probably say the trip as a whole was the highlight. For today, let me share about Arches in Moab.

Arches was phenomenal. Beautiful day, not too crowded, and the landscape was other worldly.

Two stories …

1/ at the historical arch, the one in all the Photos and on the license plate, I had an old lady yell at me. There was a family taking a picture under the arch. I waited till they were done then walked to it, just to touch it – just touch it. Apparently there was a line of people waiting for photos opportunity (I did not see it) and the geriatric Nancy let me have it. I apologized and started my trek back to the car.

My son just walked 50 feet behind me so no one would no we were together. Thanks kid.

2/ on the departure from Moab, the oil pump in the Jeep died … thus resulting in my engine locking up … thus resulting in my Jeep being left in Moab. I sold it for $1 – apparently many a 4 wheel drive go to Moab to die and nobody wanted it . Ouch.

The moral of this story … None.

But something I do want to get across … make some memories. Do adventures. They may be costly but the time with loved ones and friends is priceless.

And if you get a chance – do the Utah Big 5!





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