Trail Lines

What do you think of when you you think of hiking? Nature … solitude … beauty … escape? How about poetry? Yeah, me neither. But I did a quick search and there are some great poetic lines out there. One sight, allpoetry, gave a plethora of lines of poetry to read. I choose three for this wonderful Friday. So read and enjoy these Trail Lines …

La Latina Grande de Gredos by J.A. Hartley

high up where the rocks bleed water
and snow lies on the sky in crags
vast silent shadows float away over hill seas
and Almanzor stares down from a cirque in the round
thoughts obscured by drifting clouds
and sun meets snow on the glassy ripples
of a glacial pool where kites glide
and those in the refuge know
when the sun comes out, the cold will go
for a while. for a while.
La Latina Grande de Gredos is a mountain range in Spain


Miles of Bluebonnet Meadow (silver) by Michael John McCrae

miles of bluebonnet meadows
fed by the rippling, bubbly river
reflecting noon's sun as a prism

lightly chilled gusts of air
there's no way to escape the ease
surrounding hills happy overseers

steps become brisk
meadowlarks call every hill cries its echo
of birdsong in reverb accompaniment
I miss the fields of bluebonnets in Texas


Nomad by James A George

A nomad wanders there,
to be away from the crowd,
hiking along a path
that seems never to end,
because it doesn't.

Follow the river,
or climb to the peak;
the water is essential,
and high ground is
where visions are born.

Lush and green
it may be, or brown,
rocky or sandy,
off the beaten path,
everything is possible.
Hiking the Daniel Boone national forest


Trail Lines … I like that title. I claim it if no one else has previously. So maybe you have a poetic twist inside you. Share with us. And maybe, just maybe I’ll write a tome or two. Till then, enjoy these.





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