Get Away in Norway

This pic, from ‘Try The World’ on my FB timeline grabbed my attention. So often I see cabins, tree houses, campsites of places to escape. It is a dream of so many to find isolation and seclusion.

But in reality, I don’t think seclusion is the answer. We were not made for being alone. It’s not good for us. Oh, I get we need times of refreshing, sabbaticals to refuel and refresh, and those moments of retreat to reflect … but we were built for relationships.

We need each other. We need to engage and empower each other.

AS Christians, we are to be lights not hidden. Shining in such a way that points others to Jesus. That’s pretty hard to do from an isolated getaway in the middle of a Nordic river.

So today, tell people around you how you appreciate their presence. Show gratitude for each other.

Enjoy the art of pictures like this …

But appreciate the friendships that are right where you are.






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