Treasure Hunt, kind of

Have you ever looked for something and you just can’t find it? I just finished the four “Pirates of the Caribbean” series – Go Captain Jack Sparrow.  Each of the films has him looking for something. 1- The Curse of the Black Pearl: he is looking for the ship, the Black Pearl, which was taken from him (his one true love) … 2 – Dead Man’s Chest: again it’s in the title, the dead man’s chest that has the heart of Davy Jones … 3 – At World’s End: a bit weirder, but looking for freedom from the Flying Dutchman and freedom from the East Indian Trading Company … and 4 – On Stranger Tides: looking for the fountain of youth.

And in his own words, “It’s not in the destination, it’s in the journey.” 

What are you looking for? For me, recently, it’s Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies. Oh, the website says it’s in stock locally – I don’t believe it. I have looked. Maybe the stockboy is hoarding it.

Amazon? Right, for $14 a box – don’t think so.

Ebay? Not sure I want to buy food on Ebay. But still – $20 for 4 boxes or a special 1972 pre-owned box for $100, plus $13 shipping. Again, don’t think so.

I’ll keep looking – and i’ll be patient.

So, what do you do while your waiting and looking for something, like a job or “whatever” …

  • Invest in others. Serve at a church, local non-profit, nursing home. Investing in others makes the journey so much more special.
  • Start a blog. I do this while I am looking for the Cocoa Krispies. I’ll keep you informed.
  • Get physical – new exercise program, race a marathon, get outside and hike, fish, anything. Go a little Newton-John on people.
  • Cook something new. Maybe Rice Kripie treats with something else.
  • Take a class – like online, YouTube, etc.
  • Pick up a hobby. Me, I read a lot. Binge a pod-cast (while hiking).

What do you do during your treasure hunts? Share with us.

Post Script

The best treasure is scripture. Do a little digging in it and all it holds for you! Proverbs 2:4 talks of this … if you seek (wisdom) like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures





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