Leadership – What the Greatest Leader Has … What We Need!

Think about your leadership qualities. If they ere listed, what would that list look like? This is important for managers, executives, pastors, parents, teachers, and anyone who influences other people.

In Isaiah 42, the prophet shares about the coming Messiah – the anointed One of Isreal. The first word he uses is servant. Servant. Wow. The greatest leader who would save His people would come to serve.

In Oswald Sander’s opus Spiritual Leadership, Sanders shares some of the great leader characteristics and motivations. The list was written almost 3000 years ago still apply today …

  • Dependency … dependent on God through the entire work.
  • Approval … the leader looks for the delight of the eternal Father, not people around him.
  • Modesty … there is humility and not self-promoting pompousness.
  • Empathy … the leader understand the people who he serves, not just the ones who have a perfect life but the downtrodden, less appreciated ones too
  • Optimism … He knows how path is just and it will all work out
  • Anointing … He leads by strength from the Lord, not his own skills or pedigree

These are just a brief overview of the qualities listed in Isaiah 42. Bu the list is deep enough for us to think about our leadership style. Do we emulate or demonstrate these, any of these?

Leadership – Jesus portrayed it powerfully and showed us His style is just as important in the 21st Century.  

More to come as I work through Sander’s great work.






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