DMVs, Flash the Sloth, Costa Rica

3 Minutes of hilarity. In Zootopia, it is Flash the Sloth, played by Raymond S Persi Emmy swimming Animation Artist who has worked on Wreck It Ralph and The Simpsons. Okay enough shout outs – back to my story.

3 minutes of hilarity. The animals run to the DMV to have a plate run – and every worker – EVERY DMV WORKER – is a sloth. Now, this may not be funny to a pre-16 year old viewer who has never waited own line for a Drivers License or tag renewals – but to us adults – hi-larr-ree-us! I think they nailed the DMV spot on. Watch it here.

(Please note: If any DMV worker is reading this, I am sure you are the exception and you would be a jack rabbit!)

So, with this excerpt in may brain, with my first hand experience with the state governmental entity, I came across a Twitter video on my Twitter timeline that just cracked me up.

Know I get quite few outdoor Tweets – pictures of National Parks, others hiking, and random nature shots. And This was no exception. A family was zip lining over the tree line in Costa Rico. Plush green tree tops. A tunnel of limbs and branches one passes through – the type of memory one can’t create at Disney or Universal. 

The dad (assumption) was zipping closely behind his young teenage son – encouraging him, letting him know he wasn’t alone, etc. When – BAM and SLAM  – the boy came to a screeching halt. He did not fall. He wasn’t hurt.’

He had hit something on the zip line. He had hit an animal. There was a sloth hanging on the line. The sloth slowly crawled the line – hand over hand – S. L. O. W. L. Y. Down the cable.

It took 15 minutes for the sloth to finally remove himself. The Tweet did not show how or what the two humans did during that 15 minutes. But I imagine it was quite vexing. Thank you CBS News for posting this.

Life can be that way at time. We are zipping along when some obstacle, some distraction, something just appears and makes our life come to a screeching halt.

Cancer. Death in the family. Car problem. Job layoffs. Russian invasion. Some can never be seen coming, but they stop us just the same.

Learn a few things from this video …

  • Life happens, obstacles too.
  • You are never alone. The boy had his father and we too have our FATHER. God promised He will never leave you or forsake you.
  • Sometimes you just have to wait things out. And that’s okay. It might be God’s way of slowing you down.
  • During the wait – you can worry, or you can enjoy the scenery and the situation. Sure, our 15 minutes of waiting may be a pain, but here the Costa Rico jungle was beautiful and the delay from the sloth was hilarious that brings topic of conversation for years to come.
  • Delays can bring blessings – here, the 15 minutes was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, and fame came your way. Oh 100 friends may have watched you zip, but as of typing, 48 thousand people have viewed the Tweet.

So in life – Delays happen. But that’s okay.






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