Cleopatra’s Needles

She lived in Aland far, far away in a time long ago. And as far as the ‘needles’ go – she didn’t even have them created. They were built about 1,400 years BEFORE she was born. They were built on the order of Pharaoh Tutmos III, so I guess the name Tutmos Needles don’t sound as cool.

About 12 years before Jesus was born and eventually fled to Egypt – Rome had the ‘needles moved to Alexandria, where they could be seen together. Here is a lithograph from 1807.

Obelisk at Alexandria commonly called Cleopatra's needle illustration by David Roberts (1796-1864).

Now the needles – two wonderful obelisk – no longer resides in Egypt. They were gifted to England and to America. So one sits over the Thames River – ever watching. It is not the most visited landmark in a historical setting, but it possibly the oldest landmark in London.

The second obelisk was re-erected in New York City where it sits in Central Park, just west of the Met.

Let’s focus on London. In 1878, Londoneers placed a time capsule under the obelisk. Upon it’s centennial opening, the time capsule had toys, paintings, a bible, a few other items, and according to Max Lucado, John 3:16 printed on 215 languages. 215!

It shows how then, and now, this verse is important.

In his book, The Numbers of Hope: 3:16, Lucado shares the simplicity of God’s message to us

  • God Loved
  • God Gave
  • We Believe
  • We Live

I pray you know that love.






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