Voodoo Blue.

It’s blue. Not just blue, but voodoo blue. Who names these colors. Imagine getting a college degree, being the top in your field. Then you go to your family reunion and the family, so proud of you, asks what you do for a living. You smile and say, “I name colors for cars.”  WHAT?

In 2020, the top 10 most unique car colors were:

10 Nitro Yellow

9 Glowing Yellow

8 Twister Orange Metallic

7 Lagoon Silver

6 Lantana Purple

5 Rally Green “Shock”

4 Undercover Green

3 Infrared Red (Lexus)

2 Atlas Blue (Ford Escort)

1 Expresso Metallic (Buick Evision)

They’ve got nothing on my 2007 Voodoo Blue.

Recently I discussed my car demise and the need to replace it. What I was soon to discover was the used car market is crazy – like capital C – Crazy, and a Crazy on meds!

I looked, I researched, I talked to mechanics, I kept increasing my limit I was willing to spend.  I understand some dealers are selling new cars without the chips and promising to send the chips to owners once they arrive. We live in wild times – and I expect it to not get better very quickly. (But that is a whole other story)

SO, back to the story.

Voodoo Blue. In 2017, some genius reused this color and put own Toyota’s 2019 Corolla and Rav4. But they renamed it Blue Flame. Really? Blue Flame. So boring. Did they really run out of colors. I guess job security isn’t what it used to be if we can copy old stuff.

not mine

I found a 2007 SUV. It has over 200,000 miles. It’s a 4×4 and runs great. They did a little work to get it ready, but this one owner FJ was taken care of extremely well.

I reached out to the previous owner – they left their name on an insurance form – and I am grateful for the care this 15 year care had received and the blessing I know the Lord will grant in years to come.

A few interesting facts …

  • I am expecting my first grandkid. He was due 3.22 (Tuesday) and he decided to wait a bit (I would too if I read the headlines this week including the Tuesday Twister that hit near their home in Fort Worth area.)
  • My grandkid (Samuel Robert) did not show, but I got my Voodoo Blue FJ Cruiser. Forever I will remember it for the day and the for the my mother.
  • God always has His timing. Not ours. This vehicle was at the right place at the right time – and made it’s way from New Jersey. NEW JERSEY!

The FJ Cruiser is a beast – I’m excited to see what adventures we will have together. One of the first will be a road trip to see little Sammy Robert when he decides to show.

Side note: My son is a bit worried he doesn’t know how to change a diaper. Like driving a 4×4 – it takes practice buy you’ll get it.

Post Script: Do I want to name it? Give me suggestions.





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