Timing is Everything


Timing is everything. 

A football receiver has to cut at just the right time to be where the ball will be, whether he turns or not. A wreck can be avoided if the drivers pay attention to timing. Running a red light is not only bad timing, it is dangerous. An office building is finished as a bible burst and the office is now not needed. You buy a house, our dream house, two weeks before a tornado wipes the entire community out. You ask that girl you’ve been dreaming about to the big dance, just to find out she just accepted an invitation by your best friend.

Timing is everything.

I waited three years in Dallas – many of it unemployed and rejected over and over again. Now, I am in Appomattox, central rural Virginia … about as different as Dallas as possible. But I can’t be better and know I’m in the center of His will – by His timing.

This year is a quandary but a great example of God’s timing. 

My mother passed away – in the middle of covid, struggling with dementia. My car started having issues, right when God provided funds to replace it. My wife was having a job crisis – but at the end of her rope, God gave her hope and future.

And mostly, my son and daughter-in-law are having a baby – perfectly timed from the Life Giver.

Timing is everything.

Now about my kids and future grandchild, the baby was due two days ago. Two days ago. And yet, no baby. Today (Thursday) was the DIL’s birthday and my son thought if the baby was born on her birthday, it would be cool. And he would only have to remember one date. Nope – not as of writing.

Timing is everything.

But we need to learn, we really have very little control over timing. The football player might be held up, even if he trained over and over. No one can predict markets – so planning for an office is always a gamble. Buying a house that later will be picked up and taken to Oz is out of our control – nature has very little in our control or understanding.

The Bible says we need to be careful planning for tomorrow, for we don’t control tomorrow. We may be called home to heaven at any time.

Live for today – yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised. Today is all we have.

Timing is everything.

So I will trust the one who does know tomorrow. I will have faith in the one has plans for me – plans to prosper and not tear down.

The Israelites waited 400 for delivery. The people waited a millennia for the Messiah. And at just the right time, when everything was perfect – Jesus arrived in Bethlehem. Timing? The marriage on hold, the census declared, the Inn full, and the wise men headed east months before the birth. Timing is everything.

God – who has been faithful in the past, will be faithful now. 

So timing is everything – and God is in control of timing – so He is control of everything. And that makes me at peace.

The baby will get here when it gets here.

Trust Him. I do.






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