Attraction to a Big City

I am typing this from one of my fav food chains in the Texas area – LaMadeleines. I have my coffee, fruit, croissant, and blackberry jam right in front of the fireplace. A very nice post to be in.

We drove through the night. The time had arrived. My DIL (daughter in law) had gone into labor so we took off from central Virginia to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 

This journey was unique for me in several ways …

  • Lisa took off work, Egads for those that know her. It normally is liking pulling a tooth to get her away when there is work remains to be done in her office. But, this time – her first first grand baby was calling and work be … you know the rest.
  • I took off work. I can’t remember the last time a Sunday morning ambled around and I had no responsibilities. Unique, and not liked.
  • I was test driving the new (used 2007) FJ Cruiser. Yeah, these were not built with long highway trips in mind. But it was comfortable, semi-smooth driving. I probably won’t take in on a cross country trek again, unless hiking and hills will be involved. The 15 miles per gallon is not cool – especially with gas over $4 a gallon. OUCH. But it is doing well – and I love my new FJ Cruiser. And while in Dallas, I may jump a few curbs just to make sure it feels okay to coming to the big city. It’s a Beast.
  • A new Estes is now here. Samuel Robert. Weighing in at 10lbs 10 ounces – yowza. They grow them big in Texas. But seeing my wife hold the little one – it made the 20 hour road trip worth every mile, even at 30 cents a mile.

But, this trip was also not unique. It had some of the same issues we’ve faced before …

  • Do we want to move back to the big city. DFW has great restaurants, amenities not available in the local college town in Virginia … and now a grand child. But I also see lots of concrete and asphalt, thicker air (smog), and toll roads. And even before we hit Dallas – traffic. It lost me right there. For all those who think my little street of Wards Rd gets congested – nope, nada, doesn’t happen. Waiting through three red lights is not traffic. In DFW, that is a good Thursday. I do not miss the traffic.
  • Also, noises. Do I want to hear through the night the sound of cars  and planes and sirens and more cars … or do I want hear the Harris’s Bovines, wake to the rooster of the local Lavender Farm, listen to an occasional mule, and watch the bald eagle or hawk over head? I love my country living. Last week, a buffalo got loose in our neck of the woods … ambled down the country road and waited for the owner to come claim him. Life is good.

So, give me Green Acres any time.

BUT … DFW has Sammy (the grandkid)? I can live with that. I can visit. Use FaceTime. Get the GrannyPhotoFrame for my wife’s office to have rotating new pics (which will be very regular or else my son will be hearing from his mother in very stern ways!) For now, we grow where we are planted, we stay where God wants us, and we realize DFW is never that far away.

I don’t know where you or when you read this. I don’t know what draws you away and tries to get you questioning your residence, or if anything does that. But I do know God can use you right here, right now, right where you are. 

They say the grass is always greener in the next yard. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s just over the septic tank so that is why it’s greener. Doesn’t matter.

Grow where God’s got you.

And Sammy – if later you read this – no miles will reduce my love (nor your Christmas and birthday gifts.)





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