Painting the Garage

Have you ever been in a situation that there were expectations but not enough time to complete the task or tasks?  

This week, I drove to DFW to see the newest Estes – my grandson. And my son, on paternity leave, seems too have a project for me to do – paint the garage. Now, this isn’t too tough … only one of the four walls … one. He moved most the exercise equipment out of the way so it seemed to be not too difficult a task. He has the paint, he has most the stuff – he just wanted me to paint.

I took the task, considered my time frame, and considered my true desire to actually paint. So I agreed to prep. I got the tape – Frog Paint tape – the green stuff. It took several hours to prep the wall – and now, the tape is laid, the wall is bare, and the equipment on the wall is wrapped in vinyl. One hole needs to be worked on.  But overall, the prep is complete and the paint is waiting to be plastered, rolled, and brushed. A deep blue to help calm the one exercising in the garage.

But I feel I disappointed him. I did have down time. I could have done more. Even as I type this, he is asking if I finished.

We live in a world of disappointment. A world where expectations fall short. A world where people let people down. Some say it is opportunity for growth and can make you stronger. 

What do we do?

  • Let it go. Holding bitterness can have major repercussions, physical, emotional, and relational. 
  • Get perspective. I could’ve done the wall but then I might miss time with them, or wasted my days off doing the job a 30 year old homeowner can do himself. Maybe I am being selfish, but what is done is done.
  • Know your heart. Know what is important to you. I have helicoptered, spoiled, and at times, probably made my boy a bit entitled. Maybe this is too little too late. But I would rather s[pend time with family then paint a family’s wall.
  • Let it go. Oops, I said that already. That is because many still hold on to it. So watch the movie Frozen, listen to the soundtrack, and sing Let It Go.
  • Don’t let it fester.  Churchill once said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of Enthusiasm.”

I am coming back in less that four weeks. If it isn’t painted by then, maybe I will pick up a brush. Till then – I … and you … can be a little healthier about handling disappointment. 





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