Old Equipment

What do you have around your house, in your office, anywhere … that is out of date but you still use it?  A 20 year old car? A rotary phone (are theses still out there)? A flip phone that requires major effort to text – if it does text? An actually book in print? 

An old eye-phone? Get it, eye, phone?

Yesterday, my church got a small trailer full of old AV equipment. Heavy monitors, 75 headphone jacks using the old spiral cord like the old phones, a 3000 lb speaker (I may have exaggerated that).  A large church in the local town upgraded their equipment from the 1980 stuff we “took off their hands.”

Now we have to figure it out. Do they still work? Can we use? Where can we store them?

One of the pieces works off cathode tubes. Like, does any body know what to do with that?

Let’s look briefly at some pros and cons of old technology …


  • Crashes, doesn’t take upgrades, vulnerable
  • Cost more. Repairs cost more. Sometimes takes more fuel, this more cost
  • Decreased Ability to actually … produce
  • Vulnerable to sec unity hacks
  • possibly not even live ups to current regulations in regard to safety

But don’t throw it our yet. Don’t write old out.

  • Repurpose (I saw a way to make an old VHS player a toaster)
  • Remember – don’t lose our heritage – Keep around – another Y2K might come around and you need that old 5” floppy disk drive
  • Recycle – be eco friendly
  • Renew – use the techno now. New doesn’t mean better.

What is something you think when it comes to old technology? Or people?

For today, we just work through what we’ve been given …






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