Week of Prayer: Day 7 of 8 …. And Sneak Peek 4/10/22

We have seen this week so many places God is at work. It is amazing to see people engaged all over North America – people with whom we have empowered and engaged with in our prayers and our offerings.

Abs another thing about missions on NA continent is the international culture in it. You works think mostly English or Western culture: but more and more, the world is coming to America.

Arabic, Asian, and other cultures are here abs need the message of hope.

Into this world, we find the Safadi’s – ministering in Cincinnati – but to Arabic speaking people.

Missionaries Amer and Vicky Safadi came to America following God’s call on their lives to share the gospel with Arabic speakers in the United States. Within 3 months of planting their church in Cincinnati, they had 55 Arabic-speaking people from 8 countries, and new people coming through the doors every week. Like many churches during the pandemic, they started to livestream their services. That livestream is now reaching thousands of Arabic Christians and Arabic-speaking non- believers around the world. On Day 7 of the #AnnieArmstrong Week of Prayer, we’re praying for God to continue to expand their reach so that more will come to know and worship Him.


Sneak Peek

It’s Palm Sunday , the first day in Holy Week. And all week, we will look at the events of that week 2000 years ago. The theme: His Love is Greater. Don’t miss Sunday …

– kids singing

– baptism

– drama

You will love it!






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