His Love is Greater than Anger

Do you ever get angry? I mean upset at someone else? Stupid question, of course you have. What if I say … “Trump”? Or “Biden”? How about “Will Smith”?

The dictionary defines anger as … a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. Maybe it’s family that really get to you. Or maybe your boss, or employees.  

Some (ex. Tim Keller) have said that anger is love in motion. It’s when we are dealing with something or someone we truly care about. Imagine – somebody wants to hurt your kid – you get angry.  See animals mistreated – anger.  However, the Bible says be angry but don’t sin. So, anger isn’t the problem.

The question isn’t who gets angry but why we get angry.

Recently, it’s the Russian army, or whomever is the villain of the week.

Personally … I want to talk about my grandson. He seems to have a particular look – it had been called a scowl, a frustration, a … you decide. Me, I call it an act of deep thinking. You decide what his look is. Me, I say he is in deep thought.

But when it comes to anger, we need to handle it appropriately. Humble yourself. Cut pride off at the source. Nip arrogance in the bud. 

Confess it to God. Basically, see it the same way God sees it. Jesus got angry when He saw people misusing the Temple, keeping people from real worship, and manipulating the system their way – more and more away from God’s way.

He turned over tables and drove out the animals – restoring the Temple to a house of prayer.

He didn’t do it out of anger and pride – but out of love for the Father – to bring people back to the right way of worship.

Why do you get angry? May it always be for righteous love of God and His ways – and love for people who need to know His way.

And in the end – Love for Him and His ways is greater than any anger we could;d ever feel.

Forgive the rambling – but the truth is God is Love – He will get angry with me – with you … He will discipline those whom He loves … and I deserve it. And in His love, He is always with me. I hope you know His love. His love is greater!!






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