Layers in Life

Have you noticed how life and one’s view of life changes as they journey through their life? For example, do you think of things the same way you did just ten years ago? Is your perception of work now the same as you had when you entered the work force?

So then, you might be giving advice to a younger generation individual about work but it’s like you’re talking two different languages.

A few days ago, I hiked up to the the top of a mountain in the Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Yes, it was mostly barren trees, but already hints of spring we’re showing her lovely face. As I trekked higher and higher (tallest point about 4000 feet) i noticed changes in vegetation. Different blooms, different types of trees, etc. The Mountain Laurels were already green and leafy. It was like a layer of green, completely hiding the brown above and below you.

Life is like that. Layers. Work has hierarchy. Families have generations. Schools have grades, even different buildings for grouped grades. You don’t do your senior year the same way you do kindergarten. Though nap time might be a good 12 grade elective to have. I know many who slept through 10 grade English. They even gave some of them a second chance to sleep through it.

Perfect example here… the Disney work A Goody Movie. Seen it. Love it. Got the soundtrack. Now my father went to see it when it came out in 1995. He went with his son (my brother) and a grandchild. My father commented that each of the three saw the movies from a different place – from a different layer in life … one who misses the father/son connection, one who is trying to hold on to the father/son connection & one who is too young to appreciate the father/son connection and might even be fighting it.


Some principles I see in thus …

  • Don’t think your perspective is the only perspective, others may not be there yet or may be past that stage in life
  • Appreciate different points of view
  • Appreciate looking back on your journey and see the different layers (I loved being on the mountain top and looking down realizing all the layers I went through)
  • Appreciate where you are in the journey, don’t get too anxious over the length of the journey (one point on the hike, I looked across the gap between peaks and commented how I hoped it wasn’t that peak – a particular peak that seemed so far and so high for the down the saddle and back up to the peak … yet I discovered it was. I skirted around Main Mountain following the contours, staying on a particular layer for a while, then took the next stage of ascending, making the long distance seem less arduous by working with the layers in a good way.) i almost missed the beauty of my layer by being vexed over how fast I thought the next layer was
  • Look around at your present layer, don’t miss the beauty and wonder of the present living for a future in total disregard for the now …. Or living in a memory of a layer you have already passed through
  • Here – now is where you are at … There are people right around you that need the connection to here – now … be there for them

I don’t know your layer – but God can use you and grow you right where you are. But there are more layers to come … and I’m excited!






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