My Bags are Packed

I’m leaving. Not permanently but for three days. Yeah, I know people travel a lot more than me, so this isn’t complaining or competing. But it is contemplating.

I will be in the Dallas area for leas than 72 hours for a conference and to see family . Especially Sammy – the grandkid. Oh, I guess my son and DIL will be there too.

I packed, and packed again. Counted out the days and what I would need. Laundry. Checked the weather. Did all my week’s work by Tuesday. Got cash, downloaded boarding pass —- and so on.

Nothing huge, nothing special — just planning and prepping. I do this for even a short day hike.

But I got to thinking … people plan trips. Prepare. Pack. All those small details (mail, dogs, etc) are handled. But what do we do to plan for that final trip? Do we put much thought into it?

Have you prepared for the after life? Do you know where you’re going? You better get that straight now for now change in travel plans are possible after take off.

You better get your boarding pass now – a boarding pass that only Jesus gives.

And the boarding pass is just the beginning. Plan, prepare. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. There is a lot to do before we take off … and you never know when that is … so are you ready?






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