They are the same and they are not the same. Oh, sure planes take off and land. Bad coffee and overpriced snacks. They pat you down when you fail the metal detector (which today was the first time I have not been patted down since my hip surgery almost 20 years ago!) 

Today I took off in Richmond – a small/medium airport with about 20 gates. The people were all pretty much the same – simple English speaking folks traveling for various of reasons. I saw a female sports team from University of Richmond, enlisted Army personnel, a few young couples, various business dealers – but no real diversity. However, I landed in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport. It claims to be the largest in America … mostly by acreage not busy-ness. But it was busy. Six hubs. Over a hundred gates. Trams. Buses. Scores of places to eat. And an international flavor all through it. I heard half a dozen languages. Saw large groups and individuals. It. Was. Crowded.

I have been through DFW Airport multiple times so this was not unexpected. But the diversity just grabbed me more than normal. Maybe it is because I spend most my time in heartland Virginia surrounded by farmers and lots of good ole Americana. Don’t know – just know it was obviously different than my norm. 

Yesterday, I talked of making sure you’re ready for life when life is over. As I ponder heaven, I would think it is going to be more like DFW than Richmond (or even the smaller airports in Lynchburg, VA or Alexandria, LA.) So many tribes and tongues. So many cultures and so many faces. 

And the worship – oh yeah, I want to experience that for eternity. Classic hymns sung – How Great Thou Art over and over. A Gaither fan? We’ve got you covered. He Touched Me – oh yeah, and He really did in heaven! Tomlin, Gettys, Hillsong? Oh every type will be exalting ONE NAME – JESUS. How Great is Our Name!!!

Okay, back on point. Our plane – with over 100 flying to DFW, didn’t break into worship. Nobody took their guitar out and begun to strum. Quiet. Naps. Stale cookies/bisquits? One can drink. At least – PTL – no masks. That in itself deserves a hallelujah. We traveled all minding our own business. I watched a movie and read.

But we were together headed to the same place for 100 different reasons.

I love life. I want to explore and discover great places. I want to see my grand kid. And when I finally head to heaven, I hope it is a lot like DFW (Diversity) but I also hope we all interact. After all, we may be going to Dallas for different reasons, but when we go to heaven – one reason – give praise and glory to Jesus!

Don’t wait – start giving praise and glory now!






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