Somebody Else’s Bed

Somebody Else’s Bed

Do you ever miss your abode? Especially at night? Miss the just right mix of cool-warmth comfort … and the familiarity of your normal place of rest? Do you ever have to sleep somewhere else and just miss snuggling under the usual quilt? Miss adjusting the fan or AC to your comfort level? Miss the sounds of cows, trains, and roosters. (Or traffic, signs, noise … like in My Cousin Vinny, who finally fell asleep in prison.)

I am not talking of missing the little naps you get around town (like Sundays while I preach) or during history class. I’m talking of the nocturnal habit of sleep.

The week, I am at my son’s and DIL. Oh, and at Sammy’s too (the newest and greatest grandkid) – just on the edge of Fort Worth. I am here for a men’s conference and to spend time with them. And though I brought all the essentials in my two limit carry on, I did not bring my bed or my snuggle partner. So they put me in bed. Oh, it’s comfortable enough – a bit soft from my norm – but nice enough. I don’t know if I will remain in their abode – the dog hair kept me up and made breathing a bit hard – but two more nights only.

No matter the company, no matter the desire to be around family – it is not my bed. My body keeps telling me – nope. My mind shouts out – NOPE. So all though the night, I tossed, turned, walked, fidgeted. It wasn’t home. It wasn’t my bed. My snuggle partner wasn’t there.

That’s okay – two more nights.

Maybe it is the theme of the week (see last two entries about packing and about airports.) But as I think of the loss of sleep, the uneasiness of not being at home, the restlessness of knowing this isn’t my place … I think of my life on earth. This is not my place. This is not my home. I belong in eternity, in heaven with my Lord. Oh, I know He’s here. I know my place is secure. But earth is not my home.

Do I live like it is? Do I look more comfortable here or like I long for heaven? Are we more familiar with the physical, which is temporary – or more desirous of the spiritual, which is eternal?

This is not my home – I am only passing through. So for two night, I will sleep in somebody else’s bed – for I will be home soon. And for the remainder of my days, I will live the best I can, but always in the back of my mind I will know the eternal security fact – I will be home soon. 

So I seek His kingdom, His purpose, His way of living. I store my treasures in heaven … the place of my home, the abode of my heart.

This is somebody else’s bed – I am but traveling through.

What about you?






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