The Picture of Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey

He’s not real – He’s a fictional character from a book written 80 years ago by Ivan Albright. The plot varies by different versions but the main theme is pretty consistent.

It has been made into movies. He has been character in TV shows and movies alike. He’s been the hero and he’s been the villain. But his message still resonates into this generation.

Dorian is sitting for a painting made by Lord Henry Hallward. Dorian comments on his hedonistic lifestyle and wishes the painting could age and he never feels the impact from his pursuits of worldly pleasures. He lives a life of eternal youth with hedonistic sensuality that has no impact on him. An eternal life with numbness. 

Drugs – paganistic urges – reckless living.

Magically, the painting ages, becomes disfigured, and takes all the ugliness that would have been Dorian’s. But he lives a life with no feeling.

I get the desire – healthy, no regrets, no hurts, no repercussions …

But no love, no closeness, no humanity. 

Would you give up the love, the caring, the community – to live a life that is nothing but a shell

And in the end – the picture is destroyed and Dorian immediately feels the impact – he ages instantly, the life he lived catches up with him.

There are repercussions from bad decisions and to sin. In the end, there is judgment. Fortunately, God loves us, He sent His Son to pay the price for us, to be the substitute in taking our judgment.

And once we believe, once we are His … we are to more and more forsake the world, forsake the world pleasures and seek to bring pleasure to Him and His Son.

There is a cost – and He paid it for us. Of that, I say ‘thank you’ and strive to live for Him from now on. And also – love is real!

Will you?





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