Bread, All Over the World

I Love My Bread

Bread … sourdough, tortillas, crumpets. Bread … something to crave. Yet, not always the healthiest. Too much carbs they say. My doc told me … eat less carbs and eat more protein. So I cut out the toast and add on some bacon to my breakfast order. But I always come back to bread.

I ran across a great article in the travel section of online CNN. Now I don’t listen to or read much from CNN, but this article grabbed me … 50 of the World’s Best Breads. Yes, it was more of a click bait, more of strumming through over 50 pages of pictures and information, but it was quite interesting. Alphabetically working through 50 countries/regions … Jen Rose Smith worked through top breads from across the globe.  From Afghanistan to Yemen … and everywhere else … this montage of breads made my mouth water.

Montreal Bagels from Canada (smaller than NY Bagels)>
Fry Bread from the Navajo Nation.
Challah Bread from Israel
Crumpets from the United Kingdom.
Tortillas from Mexico.
And from the US – Biscuits. Who doesn’t love some biscuits?

And the country that makes bread an art – Karava from Russia.

Bread is all through the Bible – from Abraham to the Paul. Leavened, Unleavened. Jesus multiplies bread to feed over 5000. The Last Supper has bread. Bread is an option for certain sacrifices. 

But today – what is this all about – except just great knowledge about different breads? 

Some lessons – peoples’ tastes are different all around the world, but we all crave the basics. Bread is a great way to bridge cultures, to talk to people about desires and needs. Yet, in the end, we feed off the bread of life … the Word.

In the end – there may be a lot of different types of breads, different tastes, different histories … but there is only one bread that meets all the needs  … the Bread of Life: Jesus!

Have you had your bread of life today?

Go here for the Article






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