Road Trip A 2022 – Day One

August 22, 2022. It was a long 19 hours – should’ve been shorter but rain – rain – rain. Thought I saw a boat with pair of animals lining the deck. 75% was clear – but that 25% was a bear. First Knoxville. 10 miles in about an hour. Saw 5 wrecks, all multi car. And four of those involved cars/SUV/Trucks that were 4×4.

LESSON 1 – 4X4 does not mean act stupid. You may be perfectly safe until someone else hits you!

Most of Tenn and Ark were clear. But it seems once I hit Texarkana – the heavens opened. Even at the gas station, I had to stand in 3 inches of standing water to pump gas. And then when I hit the Dallas metroplex, starting around Lake Ray Hubbard, madness I say, madness. I635 and US75 and I20 were closed at spots. They have already had up to 14 inches in places and calling for up to four more in next three hours.

LESSON 2 – Just because you are almost at your destination, that is no reason to stop being vigilant.

So I skipped lunch with my son. I decided to get to the hotel and get off the interstate. They were so friendly, early check in, understood everything – above and beyond. As much as I desired to see my son, I had to listen to the alerts, pay attention to warnings, and be cautious.

LESSON 3 – Safety is important. Patience and caution can not replace emotionalism.

In the end, I am glad I made it. Already miss my wife. And have little to writer about except the weather.

It rains on the just and unjust alike. But like Snoopy, sometimes it just seems it just falls in my face.






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