Road Trip A – Tuesday

disclaimer – the rest of the week is less a road trip and more a preaching conference … so reader be aware.

Food on the Road Trip – last night I hade turkey and brisket from “Meat Anywhere: Trophy Club” and it was pretty good. Not Marty Bs or Hard 8s but still good. And breakfast was Starwood – this was simple food, great food, and simple breakfast. Not fancy (forgot my coffee)but still well worth the visit and worth a return. And lunch … oh yeh, Kincead’s is always a staple in my visits. Simple burger and great fries. And lastly, my son and grandson joined me at Duff’s Wings for dinner. Always good, but this was made so much better by the company. So far, this has been a great food trip.

So many things in this world are done around the meal table. And the big lesson for me is it is about the sharing of the food, it is about the company. On a regular basis, I drive to the big city where my wife works to take her lunch or have her join me at lunch. The drive is worth it when I share a meal with people I love.

HOWEVER … a big reason for this trip is to attend a Preachers’ Conference, and to the first half of the conference I went today. It gave me some great ideas and a refreshed spirit in my preaching ministry. This week is a proof old dogs can learn new ways … or at least be reminded of old ways that need to be put back into place. In these two days, I am hoping to recalibrate.

A big thrust that hit home, in relation to my preaching …

We don’t speak for God
We speak from God

— Rick Ashley

Derwin Grey challenged for Prophetic Preaching and Donald Rouse pushed on being Spiritually led not emotionally led. A great time was the Q&A by Robert Morris. This could have lasted thrice as long with no letting up. But time demands were there. (Kind of like every time preachers get up to preach.)

Road Trips could be a lot worse – here I have good food, great company, solid teaching and spirit led challenge to equip me at being a better preacher. And the Road Trip is not over. What will Wednesday bring?

POST SCRIPT – Today was my grandson’s first day at day care at Prestonwood. You go Sam! And this family needs better coordination – He has checks, she has vertical stripes, and Sammy has horizontal stripes. Were are only missing a solid (but I understand Sammy had that in his diaper!)






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