LABOR Day – Where God did all the labor

It was a Sunday afternoon. And of that sluggish mentality hour where my brain wanted to take a nap (I am a strong advocate of appropriating the culture for siestas). I young married wife of a member of our church family emailed me. She was telling me Monday (Labor Day) is her birthday this year. She continued that she had been thinking a lot (Dangerous words when I hear them from a woman – jk). In here pondering, she had come to the decision that she wanted to be baptized … on her birthday. I had less than 20 hours to determine what was going on. Inside? Outside? Time? Details?

Well, we got permission to use the Suanee Creek of the old Rocks Church site. This is a great spot for an outdoor baptism. It is the oldest church (still in active existence as a congregation) in the area. The spot dates back to the 1770s. Thier current site is a few miles down the road. They have historical markers, a dug out spot for baptism in the small creek, and fresh running water in the creek.

So, a couple dozen gathered. It was a cool, cloudy morning. The cameras/phones were set. And the water was crisp and COLD.

Okay, we are Baptist so we believe in believer’s baptism where it is a full immersion by the candidate who declares they belief in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Therefore, into the water we went and let the shivering begin.

The day held several beautiful images …

  • It was a baptism, a terrific picture of our new life in Christ – buried in Christ, raised to walk in newness of life
  • It was her birthday, and now the day will hold an even better reminder – a reminder of her new birth in Jesus Chrict
  • It was Labor Day – a day we appreciate workers. But when you recognize your spiritual new life is not because of our work (You can earn salvation, buy salvation, deserve e salvation) … it is completely by His work – the work and love of Jesus. Labor Day is now a day to honor the work of our Savior.

I hope you know that love He has for you. I hope you understand what He did for you on the cross. Labor Day is over – but what He did impacts eternity.

Have a blessed week.






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