Monday Minute

In less than 60 seconds – THINK.

It’s Monday. What is your mind dwelling on? What are you THINKing about?

Is it TRUE … not uncertainties, unknown but truth. Things we can trust. Think the Bible – God’s Word is truth.

Is it HELPFUL … think positive, uplifting – not negative, destructive

Is it INSPIRING … maybe instead of looking at what is wrong and how to tear apart with something, let’s think of ways to encourage, inspire, encourage each other to good works.

Is it NOBLE … honorable, pure, right, lovely, excellent, worthy of praise – dwell on these things.

Is it KUDOS … Kudos means praise, for glory – but not for us, for God – do we give praise to God.

Today, I will THINK on Him … the One who True, Helpful, Inspiring, Noble, worthy of Kudos. Today, I will THINK on Christ.

What are you thinking about?






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