Which Church is Better?

I have served at several churches. Each of them have its own distinctive personality. I am reflecting anthem because one of them is celebrating their 75th anniversary. That church is a smaller church that loves God, has a strong tenure in their pastors, and

I have served at a church that was part of the original group that formed the Southern Baptist Convention. It dates back to 1827 and still serves strong. This was a larger church (for that area) that ministered to a small town setting.

I served at a brand new church that has relocated, rebranded, restructured, but continues to remain relevant to people in their suburban community.

I have served at a church in the middle of Louisiana – very rural. It wasn’t farmland but lots of fishermen and hunters. Not appreciating fishing nor ever fired a gun, this was an unusual culture for my character.

And now I am in a farmland, heartland, rural community that has a strong historical connection to the Civil War … we are a few miles from the site where General Lee surrendered to General Grant … with a motto: Where Our Nation Reunited.

I’ve attended so many more, was a preacher’s kid at more, and appreciated the diversity from double digit in attendance to tens of thousands … from large, loud services to sober, liturgical settings … from young families with many children to elderly where nurseries have remained empty for weeks. And yes, I appreciated aspects about each one and desired change in each one.

But to ask … Which Church is Better?

They all preached Christ. They all were built on the foundation of the Word. They all loved Jesus and each other. Not every church can say that. And the fact that each of these can say it means I have been blessed.

I don’t know where you attend – but I hope you attend one that Loves God, Loves Other, Grows in the Word, and is Spirit filled and Spirit led.

And – to the one that is celebrating 75 years – may there be 75 and more where you continue to live for Christ.






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