A New Office Set Up

She is entering a new stage in her life. She is (in my humble but yet correct point of view) excellent at what she does and may be the best in her field. Her realm of experience covers being a Paralegal, Executive Assistant for C-Ring levels, Deputy Director of her collegiate area, typist/proofreader for several authors and post graduate thesis writers, and on and on. When I was doing grad and post grad work, I often would dictate my papers to her and she would type away as I droned. I may be bias, but she is the best.

Next week, she begins a new stage in her career. With a lateral move to the College of Business at the University, this will take another challenge upon her long and much under appreciated field.

Okay, I may have written more than normal about her in the above paragraphs, but I do think she deserves so much more than she receives.

Now, to the point of today’s Muddy Shoes. This new phase brings a new dimension. She will regularly work several days a week from home. Some say we will save in money due to gas – but I am not so sure. I have a feeling I will be her personal GrubHub, a go to Door Dash. “Todd, can you get me a coffee?” – “Todd, I would love a smoothie, Dear” – “Honey, is today the day the donut truck is in town? I would love one, or a dozen!” (okay, that last now may be for me.) And having her at home is going to cut into my personal siesta time.

However, this new phase brings a new challenge – I want to create a personal and proficient home-office space. We have the room (removed a guest room that went to the basement.) We are looking at ergonomic chairs, probably a gaming chair. I am making a table/desk out of a piece of cherry wood that came off the top of my mother’s old hope chest dating back to the 1940s (the chest fell apart but I salvaged the lid.)

Hey wait, am I getting the short end of this?

I realize working at home isn’t new. She has done this before (weather conditions, covid lockdowns, quarantines.) But this is long term, regular basis – and I want the best for her.

People plan so much for a variety of things. Whether it’s nursery for a new child, ADA bathroom for a senior, exercise equipment for a home gym – so many phases. We buy, install, refurbish, collect. And then there are the preparations for the unknown – generators, food stashes, emergency kits, boarding windows for Hurricane Ian, toilet paper hoarding, anything.

But how much do we prepare for spiritual events? Battles in the desert? Temptations that sneak up on us, or even hit us without any sneaking up? Doubts? Dryness? Silence from God?  These are tough and many spend very little effort preparing for these.  How can we prepare?

Here are few ways I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Hide His Word in your heart – it will help in the fight of temptation, it will bring peace, it will edify and equip you (Psalm 119.11)
  • Fix your eyes on Him – by keeping your mind and view on the Savior, it will help you to be able to stay on the right course (Hebrews 12.2)
  • Build hedges of protection – guardrails that keep you form drifting, rumble strips that warn you that you are getting off the road, beeping that says your drifting (Hosea 2.6)
  • Hang out with people that will hold you accountable, that encourage and build you up (Proverbs 27.17) – it is the lone deer the wolf goes after
  • Daily take up the spiritual armor – it’s not about you, but what He has done for you (Ephesians 6)

So, for today, I fix up a home-office for my wife. But everyday I need to prepare my walk with and for my Savior and Lord. Will you?

NOTE: All pictures are Googled – I will post some when I am done.
2nd NOTE: I reposted due to internet glitch.





One response to “A New Office Set Up”

  1. Sharon Hodges Avatar
    Sharon Hodges

    I think this is great. Lisa will flourish no matter where her office is located. If you need any carpentry help at all, Martha Howes husband, Rick, is excellent.

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