The Messy Desk

Every Monday I walk in to my office and look upon the papers strewn across the laminate desktop. I see cords unplugged and coffee cups that have a science project material forming due to their being left there all weekend. Maybe it’s not the desk. Maybe its a workbench – a classroom – the floorboard of your car …

Maybe it’s the pile of laundry. You did it all 6 hours ago – but you turn around and – wham – the pile has reformed.

Every Monday I seem to prove the well accepted as truth 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. I wish Rudolf Class had come up with something else in 1850 (the one whop originally put forth the postulate we now accept as a LAW). Systems tend to go from order to chaos. Leave your kids’ bedrooms to themselves and pretty soon they will be madness, madness I say. A closed system requires energy to stay in order. Things wear down, break down, and become disorderly.

It’s not just my desk – it’s my life. I too see my body breaking down, my order to my systems becoming chaotic. Once I thought – maybe getting married will help keep my life in order. Oops. Then it was – maybe having a kid or two will force me to bring order to my life. Children are the epitome of chaos – its cause and an example of such talked about chaos.

So – what can we do?

On Mondays, I spend great effort to cleaning off, organizing, and getting my desk ready for the work of that week. I take time to get it ready to be functional again. But for only a week – because next week, the chaos returns.

However, we have a great God who takes care of us. Who solved our biggest problem – where will spend eternity. He took the chaos, the uncertainty, the fear of the future and settled that issue once in for all. True, we still haven’t seen everything in subjection and put in proper order, but there is a way to express something as completed even when we don’t see it completed yet. A certainty of things to come.

That’s what Jesus does for those who call upon Him. He brings order from chaos. Maybe we don’t see it completely, but He completed everything that was necessary for us to be certain we will experience it.

So today, my desk is a mess – and I will temporarily put it back in order. But also today – my life is in a mess (Muddy Shoes and all) – but God has done everything to make sure I will have order from all this chaos.

Does He do this for you? He does if you believe.






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